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2011 CEM - Wroclaw, Poland
The 8th International Conference on Computation in Electromagnetics was held in Wroclaw, Poland (www.cem2011.com). The Conference was organised by Blue Vision Events Limited on behalf of the Electromagnetics Technical and Professional Network (EM TPN) of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), in association with Antennas and Propagation TPN and the International Compumag Society.

Technical sessions featured one invited review paper by QWED President (http://kn.theiet.org/communities/electromagnetics/cem/cem2011-iet-tv.cfm):
W. Gwarek (Warsaw University of Technology and QWED),
"Review of HF and coupled problems"

and four regular presentations by QWED staff  (http://www.cem2011.com/pdfs/Abstracts.pdf):

M. Soltysiak (QWED), M. Celuch (Warsaw University of Technology), and U. Erle (R&D Solon Product Technology),
"Coupling between FDTD electromagnetic and FEM CFD software packages for simulation of microwave heating" (P4-04)

J. Rudnicki (QWED) and M. Sypniewski (Warsaw University of Technology),
"Amelet-HDF converters for computational electromagnetics in aeronautic projects" (P5-03)

P. Konczak (QWED) and M. Sypniewski (Warsaw University of Technology),
"GPU accelerated multiplatform FDTD simulator" (P5-04)

W. Gwarek (Warsaw University of Technology) and M. Olszewska (QWED),
"Improvement of accuracy of extraction of radiation patterns from FDTD modelling of axisymmetrical antennas" (P1-04)

QWED software products as well as resonators for microwave material measurements were demonstrated at the related exhibition.
CEM 2011
Eight International Conference on
Computation in Electromagnetics
Monday 11 - Thursday 14 April 2011
Wroclaw, Poland

Conference website: www.cem2011.com
discover accurate EM modelling