Multiobjective optimiser.
QW-OptimiserPlus is a multiobjective optimiser fully integrated with QW-Simulator and matches efficiency and reliability with user-friendly interface. It allows finding an optimal solution in an automatic way.

Objective can be based on the following postprocessings of QW-3D or QW-V2D:
Scattering Parameters
Scattering SMN Parameters
Radiation Pattern (linear and circular polarisation)
FD Probing

During the optimisation the values of variables adopted for the particular QW-Simulator run and the values of calculated objectives are stored in Optimiser Cache. The information stored in the Cache is used by QW-OptimiserPlus to decide upon the next set of variables to be tried while avoiding unproductive recalculation of the states for which the goal function has already been calculated.
Information about the optimisation process is displayed in the Log window. In separate window Goal Function progress can be observed.
Parameters sweep

The parameter sweep is performed on a fixed pre-defined grid of values or user defined values and can be started from specified number of step.
It can be advantageous in:
"manual optimisation" – to find the best set of parameters by a numerical "cut and try" method supported by the engineer's experience
analysis of sensitivity of the circuit characteristics to mechanical tolerances
finding a good starting point for further automatic optimisation