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Revisions of QuickWave 2012
New features of QuickWave 2012

What's new in Patch2 for QuickWave 2012 rev.1 (released 2012.02.22)

Bug Fixes:
QW-Editor: incorrect saving of UDO file
UDO-Editor: incorrect saving of UDO file

What's new in Patch1 for QuickWave 2012 rev.1 (released 2012.02.15)

QW-Simulator: freeze for Multipole Dispersive Media
QW-Simulator: option for choosing native Windows or Qt file open/save dialogues in Configure->Preferences dialogue
QW-Simulator: speedup of SMN calculation in GPU-Sim
QW-Simulator: list of colour palette, extension in thermal display
QW-Simulator: new toolbar for colour palette in View Fields window
QW-Editor: warning while saving read only UDO file
UDOEditor: warning while saving read only UDO file

Bug Fixes:
QW-Simulator: crash in View Results window for incorrect pure data file format
QW-Simulator: incorrect drawing for thin layers in XZ and YZ plane
QW-OptimiserPlus: incorrect gain reference and NTF walls for radiation pattern objective
QW-OptimiserPlus: 'NTF Freq [GHz]' column visibility adjustments in View Results window

What's new in QuickWave 2012 rev.1 (released 2012.01.26)

QW-Simultor: Log Output - extension of Excitation parameters
QW-Simulator: speedup calculation of NTF characteristics in View-Antenna Results
QW-Simulator: 'NTF Freq [GHz]' column visibility adjustments in View Results window
QW-OptimiserPlus: Save Objective Results now possible for Optimisation/Grid Search with Prony module
QW-Editor: PROFILE2(<thickness>,<type>,<par_a>,<par_b>,<file_name>) - New UDO command for setting PML profile parameters
QW-Editor: added STEP0 for BHM & Excitation ports parameters
QW-Editors: new compilation with Qt 4.8.0 & VS 2010
QW-UDO Editor: new compilation with Qt 4.8.0 & VS 2010
QW-SAT Filter: new compilation with Acis R22 & library Qt 4.8.0 & VS 2010
QW-DFX Converter: new compilation with VS 2010

Bug Fixes:
QW-OptimiserPlus: reading file for Objective from file correction
QW-Simulator: incomplete saved results for SMN for projects with more than 2 ports
QW-Simulator: Rieke display adjustments
QW-Simulator: scaling dialogue in View Envelope
QW-Simulator: save picture for Thermal display in View Fields
QW-Editor: simulator choice from File->Simulators menu
QW-Elib: corrected recwg/htap1.udo; V2D/taper4.udo; V2D/ring.udo; V2D/rod.udo

We hope that our users will enjoy the changes. We would like to hear your feedback in this regard, and constructive criticism will also be appreciated!

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