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Revisions of QuickWave 2013
New features of QuickWave 2013

What's new in Patch3 for QuickWave 2013 (released 2013.11.26)

QW-Simulator: OMP simulation speed improvements for V2D examples

Bug Fixes:
QW-Simulator: freeze file for projects with BHM and rotation contains duplicate shape files what causes large *.sfr files
QW-Simulator: unable to freeze simulation with BHM and rotation started from *.sfr file
QW-GPU Simulator: incorrect calculation of cells divided with metal for V2D projects
QW-Simulator: OPT+: incorrect saved objective results for objective from file
QW-BHM: Internal Heat Flow Module instability 

What's new in Patch2 for QuickWave 2013 (released 2013.10.01)

QW-Editors/QW-Simulators: Communication with HASP Dongle Licence Manager improvements (increased run-time-wait)

Bug Fixes:
QW-Editor: Instability for 3DP structures with edge cells divided with metal
QW-Simulator: Incorrect opening of Thermal display for View Saved Template for 3DP circuit
QW-Simulator: Decibel scale factor equal 20 (instead of 10) for S11 and Attn of powers components in View Envelope window
QW-GPU Simulator: Lack of internal impedance control for lumped sources/probes (via Run->Point Excitations menu)
QW-Editors/QW-Simulators: Incompatibility with Windows 8

What's new in Patch1 for QuickWave 2013 (released 2013.08.05)

QW-Editor: Mesh generation improvements

Bug Fixes:
QW-Simulator: Restore Windows command without Power & Q window
QW-Simulator: OPT+: incorrect reading objective from file with Target and Upper column
QW-Simulator: Incorrect main View menu text
QW-Simulator: Incorrect view Vector mode in View Fields window
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