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Revisions of QuickWave 2014
New features of QuickWave 2014

What's new in Patch 2 for QuickWave 2014 rev.1 (released 2015.03.11)


QW-Editor: accuracy improvement for geometry drawing in XY plane
QWAddIn 1.4.32: medium parameters (Relative Permittivity, Relative Permeability, Electrical Conductivity and Magnetic Loss) can be configured using user parameters
QWAddIn 1.4.32: ports and boxes located outside the mesh are truncated during exporting to UDO

Bug Fixes:
QW-OptimiserPlus: multiobjective optimisation not available with QProny module
QProny: wrong path to QProny model samples file
QWAddIn 1.4.32: existing point-load ports not available for editing
QWAddIn 1.4.32: delete edited medium after backspace in Media Library dialogue

What's new in Patch 1 for QuickWave 2014 rev.1 (released 2015.01.26)


QW-Simulator: algorithm improvement for V2D divided cells

Bug Fixes:
QW-Simulator: shift reference for SMN calculation
QW-Simulator: load reference for 1 column data from text file
QW-OptimiserPlus: dots in filenames not allowed
QW-License: no 'end of license' warning

What's new in Revision 1 for QuickWave 2014 (released 2014.10.03)

QW-Simulator: "Dense Regions Only" option available for Save Volume Envelope/Instantaneous in View fields window, breakpoints and tasks
QW-AddIn: automatic mesh regeneration after changes (optional)
QW-AddIn: user defined resolution for model's geometry analysis
QW-AddIn: equalization of mesh cells near port reference
QW-License Update: trials are not included in the available QuickWave dongle list
QW-License Update: new column HASP type is added and HASP HL (dongle) or SL (software key) can appear in the column
QW-License Update: date limit is introduced for SL (software key)
QW-License Update: feature "Pro" is displayed as in Safenet Admin Control Center
QW-License Update: improvements in some special cases like date "0000.00.00" if QuickWave License Update can't read the date information
Sentinel LDK and Sentinel HASP RTE Version 6.64

Bug Fixes:
QW-Optimiser+: crash for multiple Eleft or Eright objectives
QW-Optimiser+: crash for big number (over 100) of optimisation variables
QW-Simulator: crash after right mouse click on Model Files tree
QW-Simulator: incorrect file paths for QProny projects started from command line
QW-GPUSim: incorrect freeze for V2D projects prepared in QW-GPUSim
QW-GPUSim: full CPU utilisation
QW-AddIn: ports, monitors, etc. cannot be anchored to sketches
QW-AddIn: incorrect optimisation of angle variables stored in radians
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