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Cross section of the resonator for graphene measurements
Resonators for graphene measurements
Measured parametre Surface resistance R of graphene layer
Range of measured surface resistance R 0.1 Ω to 10000 Ω
Accuracy of measurement of the surface resistance of a graphene layer of thickness h ± 5%
Operational frequency 13 GHz
Dimensions of dielectric substrate Lateral dimensions 10 mm x 10 mm, thickness <0.5 mm. Upon a special request it is possible to extend the lateral dimensions of the substrates.
Additional equipment needed to perform measurement Vector Network Analyser
Measurement procedure
Resonant frequency and Q - factor of the empty resonator
and the resonator with the graphene layer deposited on the
dielectric substrate are measured. Dedicated software
application (supplied with the resonator) is used to calculate
the surface resistance R of the graphene layer. The
electric conductivity of the graphene layer of thickness h
is calculated using the following formula:
σ = 1/(R*h)
The accuracy of calculation of the electric conductivity is
proportional to the accuracy of the measurement of the
thickness of the deposited graphene layer.
Recent publications
about the measurement method
J. Krupka and W. Strupinski, Measurements of the sheet resistance and conductivity of thin epitaxial graphene and SiC filmsApplied Physics Letters, vol. 96, 2010.
J. Krupka, W. Strupinski, and N. Kwietniewski, Microwave conductivity of very thin graphene and metal filmsJournal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol. 11, 1-5, 2011.
Table1: Parameters of the resonator for measurements of graphene
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