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Cross section of Single Post Dielectric Resonator (SiPDR)
Single post dielectric resonators (SiPDR)
SiPDRs are intended for the measurements of the surface
impedance of metamaterials and resistive films as well as for
the contact-less measurements of the conductivity of
semiconductor wafers. Range of thin film materials that can
be measured includes resistive layers, thin metal films and
conductive polymer films with the surface resistance Rs < 20
For semiconductors wafers the upper limit for resistivity
measurements is about 1000 Ωcm. Semiconductors
with higher resistivity values can be conveniently measured
with split post dielectric resonators.
All single post dielectric resonators are custom made.
Accuracy of measurements of a sample of thickness h The surface resistance is determined with accuracy of about
± 2%
Operational frequency 5 GHz
Operational temperature range -2700C÷1100C
Additional equipment needed to perform measurement Microwave Q-Meter or
Vector Network Analyser
Measurement procedure Resonant frequency and Q - factor of the empty resonator and the resonator with investigated sample are measured. The measured values are saved in a text file using format specified in the manual of the resonator. Dedicated application (provided together with the resonator) reads the values listed in the file and calculates the surface resistance Rs.
Table1: Parameters of Single Post Dielectric Resonators (SiPDR)
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