Past News and Events
June 25, 2007 - Change in our postal address.
June 10-15, 2007 - QWED representatives participated in the IEEE AP-S International Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii.
June 3-8, 2007 - QWED participated in the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium and Show in Honolulu, Hawaii.
April 18-20, 2007 - QWED activities and results within the FP6 project CHISMACOMB were presented at the 29th ESA Antenna Workshop on Multiple Beams and Reconfigurable Antennas, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.
April 05, 2007 - NATO Certificate. QWED received the Certificate from Military Center for Standardization, Quality Assurance and Codification.
March 19-23, 2007 - During ACES (Applied Computational Electromagnetic Society) Conference in Verona, Italy, Dr M.Celuch was co-chairing  session "Applications Based on FDTD".
January 6-9, 2007 - Dr M. Celuch participated in the Technical Programme Committee Meeting of the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium in Long Beach, CA. She was a panel speaker on "EU R&D Microwave Activities" at the IEEE MTT-S Winter Technical Panel Session. She later gave seminars about QuickWave electromagnetic software applications in research and teaching at the California Institute of Technology and Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena. She also run a short course on antenna modelling with QW-3D software at Caltech.
December 23, 2006 - Dr M. Celuch was elected Vice-Chair of the IEEE AP/AES/MTT Joint Chapter, Poland Section, for the period of January 2007 - December 2008.
September 27, 2006 - QWED participated in the Roundtable Meeting of the European Network for Financing Food Innovation ( QWED was invited as a Polish innvovative SME active in the food sector.
September 17-20, 2006 - Developments of parallel FDTD algorithms for QuickWave software have been presented by Dr M. Sypniewski at IC-SES'06 International Conference on Signals and Electronic Systems, Lodz, PL.
July 10, 2006 - Prof. Wojciech Gwarek had a lecture at the Iternational Travelling Summer School ( The content of the lecture can be downloaded from here.
June 21, 2006 - QWED received the title of "Leader in Software Export 2005" from the Polish Software Market Association in Szczyrk, Poland.
June 13-16, 2006 - QWED participated in the IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium and Show in San Francisco, California, USA.
June 1, 2006 - Acceleware and QWED partner to accelerate QuickWave. QuickWave Electromagnetic Simulation Software Now Integrated with Acceleware's Acceleration Platforms for Breakthrough Performance.
May 29-31, 2006 - QWED products and competence have been represented in the exhibition booth of Poland in the ISD 2006 Industry Space Days in the European Space Research and Technology Centre Noordwijk, The Netherlands.
May 22-24, 2006 - QWED participated in the MIKON2006 conference and also exhibited the QuickWave software for electromagnetic analysis and design. Upon interest, short training courses with hands-on software experience has been arranged.
April 27, 2006 - New www website with improved design.
April 21-22, 2006 - QWED run a course on electromagnetic modelling with the use of QuickWave software at the Wroclaw University of Technology.
April 13, 2006 - QuickWave version 6.0 rev.2 released.
April 2 2006 - QWED released new radically improved version 6.0 of QuickWave 3D/V2D Software.
In 2005, two Specific Targeted Research Projects: "SOCOT" and "CHISMACOMB", co-financed by the EU within the 6th Framework Programme have been launched, with QWED as a contractor. QWED is thereby expanding its expertise and software capabilities towards the needs of optical scatterometry technologies, semiconductor industry, and multidomain design of chiral structural materials.
Throughout 2005, W.Gwarek and/or M.Celuch gave a series of seminars in Houston (US); Gudalajara (Mexico); Bergen (Norway); Montreal, Toronto and Halifax (Canada); Nanjing (China).
June 14-16, 2005 - QWED participated in the IEEE MTT show in Long Beach, California.
April 2005 - QWED released version 5.0 of QuickWave 3D/V2D Software.
Since February 2005 QWED has assisted the Institute of Radioelectronics, Warsaw University of Technology, in its collaboration with the Mid-Sweden University under the Curie Transfer of Knowledge activity "ECEMSIM". The subject of ECEMSIM is porting FDTD software onto clusters and massive parallel computers.
June 2004 - QWED participated in the IEEE MTT Show in Fort Worth, TX, USA on June 8-10, 2004.
May 2004 - QWED released new radically improved version 3.0 of QuickWave 3D/V2D Software.
January 2004 - QWED participated in 6th workshop in Computer Modelling and Microwave Power Industry co-organized by Worcester Polytechnics Institute and The University of Texas at Austin, USA. It was held at The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, January 12, 2004.
January 2004 - QWED participated in the Eureka project meetng in Norrkoping and visited our software users in the south of Sweden.
June 10-12, 2003 - QWED participated in 2003 MTT-S Symposium. See the photos (photo 1, photo 2).
June 11th 2003 - M. Celuch presented a paper entitled 'Local Stereoscopic Field Singularity Models for FDTD Analysis of Guided Wave Problems' in Session/Slot: WE-D3-5 'Advances in Time-Domain Techniques' if IEEE-MTT-S IMS. is necessary. For details, see Agenda.
27 February 2003 - there was a user meeting and a seminar on QuickWave latest version 2.2, at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.
January 2003 - QWED released version 2.2 of QW-3D / QW-V2D software.
January 2003 - QWED participated in 5th workshop in Computer Modelling and Microwave Power Industry organized by Worcester Polytechnics Institute, USA. It was held at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA.
January 2003 - Dr. M. Celuch gave a talk on 'Numerical Dispersion Relations in Computational Electromagnetics' at Worcester Polytechnics Institute, USA.
September 22-26, 2002 - QWED participated in 3rd World Congress on Microwave & Radio Frequency Applications in Sydney, Australia. On Sunday 22.09 Prof. Wojciech Gwarek held a workshop on Electromagnetic Modelling for Microwave Processing.
June 4-6, 2002 - QWED team participated in the IEEE MTT-S Exhibition in Seattle.
May 6-7, 2002 - QWED ran a short course in QuickWave programming co-organised with SIK in Göteborg, Sw. There were 23 participants from various areas of industry and academic research.
January 2002 - W.Gwarek had a series of meetings with customers and training courses in Los Angeles area.
January 7, 2002 - QWED participated in the Fourth Seminar "Computer Modelling & Microwave Power Industry" in Seattle, WA. For more information about this event please contact the seminar organiser Dr. Vadim Yakovlev at
November, 2001 - QWED released version 2.1 of QW-3D / QW-V2D software.
September 25-28, 2001 - W.Gwarek had two presentations at the European Microwave Conference in London, UK.
September 4-6, 2001 - M.Celuch had a presentation at AMPERE - the 8th International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating in Bayreuth, Germany.
May 20-22, 2001 - QWED participated in the IEEE IMS Exhibition in Phoenix, AZ. During that event W.Gwarek and M.Celuch held Conference presentations on new developments in the areas of S-parameter extraction and irregular FDTD mesh treatment, to be implemented in the forthcoming versions of QuickWave software.
March 2001 - QWED received the title of "Leader in Software Export 2000" from the Polish Software Market Association.
March 29-30, 2001 - M.Celuch participated in the Polish-Swedish Innovation and Co-operation Forum in Warsaw, Poland.
January 9, 2001 - Industrial Microwave Modelling Group at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute organised another successful seminar on electromagnetic modelling for microwave heating applications. QWED was among 5 software vendors who presented their products to microwave heating experts from industry and academia. For more information about the results of the seminar, relevant publications and comparison of applicability of different electromagnetic codes to microwave power scenarios, please contact the seminar organizer Dr. Vadim Yakovlev at
December 2000 - QWED team received Proton Award for the development of electromagnetic software from the Polish State Committee for Scientific Research and a TV programme "Proton".
December 2000 - QWED's president prof. Wojciech Gwarek was honored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers by being elected Fellow of the IEEE effective January 1, 2001. It is an exeptional distinction awarded by the Institute annually to not more than one person of one thousand of active members.
July 16-20, 2000 - M.Celuch gave a presentation at the International IEEE AP-S Symposium, Salt Lake City, US.
June 29, 2000 - QWED team received the First Prize and the title Master of Technology 2000 in the competition organised by Poland's Technical Society (NOT) and a leading newspaper RZECZPOSPOLITA. The event was extensively covered by the Polish media including several newspapers and periodicals as well as radio and TV channels.
June 13-15, 2000 - QWED participated in the IEEE IMS Exhibition in Boston, MA. During the Symposium W.Gwarek had a workshop presentation entitled: "Automatic design using FD-TD simulator in an optimisation loop". The presentation available here in the Power Point format shows several examples of application of QWED software.
June 9, 2000 - QWED representatives held a seminar on QW-3D software applications organised by The Industrial Microwave Modelling Group at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA.
January 2000 - QWED's president Wojciech Gwarek gave a seminar at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
December 1999 - the team of the QW-3D developers led by W.Gwarek received the Prime Minister of Poland Award for outstanding achievements in technology.
November 1999 - QWED organised a 3-day QW-3D course and user group meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden.
October 1999 - QWED signed a distribution agreement with Vector Fields Ltd. of Oxford, U.K.
October 1999 - QWED participated in the European Microwave Week Exhibition in Munich, Germany
June 1999 - QWED participated in the IEEE MTT Exhibition in Anaheim, California
December 1998 - QWED received the European Information Technology Prize and participated in the European Information Society Technologies Exhibition in Vienna, Austria
November 1998 - QWED gave a seminar on new QW-3D applications at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
November 1998 - QWED participated in EMB 98 Exhibition in Linkoping, Sweden.
June 1998 - QWED participated in the IEEE MTT Exhibition in Baltimore, Maryland
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