17th International Conference
on Microwave and High Frequency Heating

9-12 September 2019, Valencia, Spain

Conference website: http://www.ampere2019.com
QWED will participate in the exhibition at the 17th International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating in Valencia, Spain.

QuickWave software, including microwave heating calculation module, QW-Modeller and GPU computing will be presented.

Microwave Heating Module for QuickWave 3D provides a novel regime of operating the FDTD solver: the possibility of simulating microwave heating problems. Microwave heating analysis includes loads rotation and translation, frequency tuning, heat flow and material parameters modification as a function of dissipated power.
The software has been prepared to work in sophisticated regimes, modelling rotation and movement of the heated load(s) even along complicated trajectories, etc. Transfer of the heat generated by electromagnetic fields can be modelled with external or internal Heat Transfer Module or by coupling QuickWave 3D simulations to external computational fluid dynamics packages.

Microwave Q-Meter, an inexpensive computer controlled microwave oscillator system that enables quick and automatic measurements of complex permittivity with a dedicated split post dielectric resonator (SPDR) or single post dielectric resonator (SiPDR) will be also presented.
Modelling Workshop

One day Modelling Workshop will be held on Monday (September 9, 2019) preceding the AMPERE Conference.
This workshop will present to its attendees a general overview of capabilities, resources, and achievements of contemporary computational tools applicable to typical scenarios in microwave power engineering including:
Introductory lectures outlining modeling principles and basics of the underlying numerical techniques;
Hands-on sessions and experimental verification allowing the participants to work (under the guidelines of the instructors) with simple models, run simulations and interpret their results;
Users’ presentations demonstrating examples of successful modeling efforts in a variety of R&D projects.
QuickWave software for EM modelling will be used for the hands-on session.

More information available at: http://ampere2019.com/shortcourse-workshop