Since 2022, the Electronic Materials and Applications (EMA) conference of The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) has become an annual dissemination event for QWED. ACerS, founded back in 1898, is the leading professional membership organisation for ceramic and materials scientists, engineers, and manufacturers, and QWED researchers are proud to be part of the family of 11,000+ members from 70+ countries. We specifically contribute to the 5G / 6G Communications Symposia organised by Dr.Nathan Orloff, NIST.

After two years of being held remotely, EMA2023 has resumed to take place physically City of Orlando, Florida – The Sunshine State, bringing new energy into the discussions. The S21 Symposium ”Materials, Devices, and Applications in 6G Telecommunications“ featured a keynote by QWED’s President, Dr. Malgorzata Celuch, on ”Evaluation and extensions of resonator techniques for the characterization of ceramics and energy materials relevant to 6G applications”. The talk included our recent results, of which most relevant to ACerS were those concerning temperature-dependent characterisation of ultra-low temperature cofired ceramics (ULTCCs) in the M-ERA.NET ULTCC6G_EPac project. Additionally, surface imaging of energy materials in the European #H2020 #NanoBat and M-ERA.NET I4BAGS projects was presented, as well as round-robin results of the iNEMI 5G initiative. The iNEMI project was further represented by Lukas Enright (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Say Phommakesone (Keysight Technologies), and Charles Hill (3M).

In the afternoon part of the Symposium M. Celuch served as panel list in the Industry Panel. She highlighted the enormous role of European Horizon and ERA.NET framework projects in bridging the communication gaps between materials’ science and high-frequency engineering. The panel was coordinated by Lucas Enright  and the materials’ industry was represented by Michael Hill (Skyworks Solutions, Inc.) and Charles Hill (3M). The panel identified the need for intersectoral collaborations and exchanges, such as workshops at future EMA events.
Title slide of the presentation by M.Celuch.
Members of iNEMI 5G project at the S12 Symposium of EMA 2023.