European Microwave Week
25-30 September 2022, Milan, Italy

Event website:
The European Microwave Week (EuMW) 2022, a highly anticipated event in the field of microwave technology and engineering, kicked off with a series of impactful professional meetings and lectures over the weekend. One of the standout events during this week-long gathering was the IEEE Microwave Theory & Technology Society Chapter Chairs Meeting held on Monday, 26 September 2022. Marked by its emphasis on knowledge sharing, recognition, and cross-border collaborations, this meeting set the tone for an enriching and enlightening week ahead.
Among the distinguished attendees, the Outstanding Chapter Award was bestowed upon Prof. Krzysztof Nyka from Gdańsk University of Technology, who serves as the Chair of the IEEE AP/AES/MTT Poland Joint Chapter. This recognition underscored the remarkable contributions made by Prof. Nyka and his team to the field of microwave engineering. During his presentation, he provided a comprehensive overview of the Chapter's activities, shedding light on recent accomplishments such as the Microwave & Radar Week 2022 (MRW2022) in Gdansk.
Adding a touch of technical excellence to the event, Dr. Malgorzata Celuch, representing QWED, delivered an invited technical lecture titled "Bridging the Gaps between Microwave Modelling and Materials Measurements." Dr. Celuch's presentation delved into QWED's pioneering research, particularly focusing on their involvement in the Horizon 2020 (H2020) NanoBat project. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between microwave modeling and material measurements, offering innovative solutions to current challenges. Furthermore, she highlighted QWED's engagement in the M-ERA.NET, ULTCC6G_EPac, and I4BAGS projects, each showcasing the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of microwave technology.

However, Dr. Celuch's lecture wasn't solely centered around technical advancements. She skillfully intertwined her personal experiences and reflections, touching on the theme of "…between Women and Engineering." Her insights provided a unique perspective on the role of women in the engineering field, inspiring attendees to further promote diversity and inclusivity within the industry.
The EuMW 2022 platform also offered a showcase of ongoing projects and initiatives. The NanoBat, ULTCC6G_EPac, and I4BAGS projects, along with QWED's Women in Engineering activities, were prominently featured throughout the event. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with these endeavors and gain insights into the future of microwave technology.
As a testament to their dedication and engagement, QWED's presence extended beyond the lecture hall. The company's exhibition booth, A16, became a hub of interactions and collaborations. Participants explored the latest developments, discussed ideas, and forged connections that would undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of microwave technology and its applications.