12th International Conference
on Microwave Materials and their Applications

Mainz, Germany
September 25-28, 2023
Conference Announcement: QWED at the 12th International Conference on Microwave Materials and Their Applications.

We are delighted to announce that QWED will be participating in the 12th International Conference on Microwave Materials and Their Applications, scheduled to take place in Mainz, Germany. Here's everything you need to know about our involvement:

Conference Details:

Event: 12th International Conference on Microwave Materials and Their Applications
Date: September 25th - 28th, 2023
Location: Mainz, Germany
QWED will have an exhibition site at the conference where you can visit us to explore our latest advancements and technologies in the field of microwave materials and characterization.

Keynote Talk by Dr. Malgorzata Celuch:
Dr. Malgorzata Celuch will deliver an insightful keynote talk titled: "Bridging the Metrology Gap for 5G Technologies". In this presentation, Dr. Celuch will discuss the challenges and solutions associated with characterizing materials for millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies, with a particular focus on the requirements for next-generation 5G communication equipment. The talk will highlight recent efforts undertaken by international consortia and the significance of these initiatives.
08:30 am 27.09.2023 Atrium Maximum (00156)

Session chaired by Dr. Marzena Olszewska-Placha:
Dr. Marzena Olszewska-Placha will serve as the co-chair of Session 9, titled "Applications and Passive Components", which is scheduled to begin at 01:10 pm.
01:10 pm to 02:10 pm Atrium Maximum (00156),

QWED Presentations:
We are proud to share that QWED will be delivering four presentations during the conference. Here is an overview of our presentations and their authors:

"From Benchmarking to Roadmapping – Developing Good Practices and Standards for Material Characterization for 5G & 6G Technologies"
Authors: Marzena Olszewska-Placha, Lucas Enright, Michael Hill, Say Phommakesone, Charles Hill, Hanna Kahari, Chiawen Lee, Daisuke Kato, Chang-Sheng Chen, Nathan Orloff, Malgorzata Celuch, Urmi Ray
10:55 am 27.09.2023 Atrium Maximum (00156)

"Microwave and THz Characterization of Dielectric Properties of New ULTCC Materials for 5G and 6G Systems"
Authors: Marzena Olszewska-Placha, Jobin Varghese, Dorota Szwagierczak, Janusz Rudnicki, Beata Synkiewicz-Musialska, Steffen Ziesche
08:50 am 28.09.2023 Atrium Maximum (00156)

"Characterization of Compounding Methods for Graphene-Based Thermoplastic Composites Using 2D Microwave Imaging Technique"
Authors: Lukasz Nowicki, Karolina Filak, Malgorzata Celuch, Mariusz Zdrojek
04:50 pm 25.09.2023 Atrium Maximum (00156)

"Microwave Characterization of Implanted Carbon Thin Films for Semiconductor Battery Applications"
Authors: Lukasz Nowicki, Fabien Monteverde, Malgorzata Celuch, Corinne Nouvellon, Olivier Douheret, Wojciech Wojtasiak
04:20 pm 25.09.2023 Atrium Maximum (00156)

We look forward to engaging with you at the conference and sharing our expertise in microwave materials and characterization. Don't miss these exciting presentations and the opportunity to connect with our team at our exhibition site. See you in Mainz!