Material Measurement Suite
MMS is a user-friendly Windows application for controlling and running measurement procedure and determination of material intrinsic parameters. User-friendly GUI and a set of intuitive dialogues provide:
1. Convenient setting of VNA performance parameters (e.g. number of frequency points, frequency range, IFBW, etc.)
2. Automatic measurements of material intrinsic parameters in two steps:
a) extracting the resonant frequency and Q-factor from the measured S-parameters,
b) converting the extracted resonant frequency and Q-factor (of an empty and sample-loaded fixture) to the material intrinsic parameters relevant to the measurement method (typically complex permittivity; sheet resistance and resistivity in SiPDR and advanced SPDR use)
3. Intuitive display of measurement results (materials parameters in table, |S21| curves).
Moreover, MMS provides advanced features supporting accurate and comprehensive measurements. It includes:
1. Advanced algorithm for enhancing accuracy of extraction of resonant frequency and Q-factor from the measured S-parameters.
2. Convenient tool for measurement uncertainty evaluation.
3. Option for time-dependent measurements.
4. Results saving to file (cvs format).

MMS supports all QWED measurement methods in 1-15 GHz range (SPDR, SiPDR). It switches seamlessly between the different measurement methods and different VNAs (with one installation program and integrated method option loader). The MMS software is protected by a HASP dongle and licence is transferable between computers (software can be installed on an arbitrary number of computers but used at the one having QWED dongle attached at the time).
Configuring VNA
Main MMS window with measurements results
Material measurements with SPDR and MMS application