Over the years, IEEE Radio & Wireless Week (RWW) has become a staple in the scientific year of many in the wireless and microwave community. The 18th RWW will be held at the famous Las Vegas Boulevard at Planet Hollywood Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. It comprises five co-located conferences on the complementary and mutually beneficial topics (SiRF, PAWR, WiSNet, SHaRC, RWS).  Additionally, the RWW highlights include talks by the new class of MTT-S Distinguished Microwave Lecturers, Plenary Talks, and three talks by Dinstinguished Women in Microwaves (WiM) given at the WiM event (Sunday, 22 January 2023).

The WiM event has been extensively featured by its organiser, Prof. Jasmin Grosinger, in the December 2022 issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine. The first talk on "Modeling-Based Characterisation of Materials From Microwaves to Millimeter Waves" by Dr. Malgorzata Celuch will span the topics from QWED’s scientific backgound in computational physics-based modelling, via its applications to the design of experiments for material’s characterisation in GHz range, up to the practical applications of modelling and characterisation in European R&D projects as well as in industry.