QuickWave 2019
Software for electromagnetic design and simulations based on conformal FDTD method.
Dear QuickWave Users,

QWED has continued efforts on extending availability, speed and functionality of the QuickWave software for electromagnetic design as well as the scope of its applications.

We are pleased to announce that the newest QuickWave 2019 has been released.

Our longstanding experience in EM modelling shows that the simulation speed is an important issue. Radiation pattern calculations for very complicated or very big problems can constitute a significant part of the total computation time. In this release we focused on enhancing the speed of calculations algorithms for radiation pattern extraction. The calculating procedures were optimised to achieve a maximum speed of calculations – the sequential procedures are over 20% faster compared to previous version 2018 and over 35% compared to the earlier versions of QuickWave. Radiation pattern calculations have been fully parallelised for multiple NTF frequencies analysis.

A new calculation regime for multiphysics simulations with QuickWave has been introduced: CFD Fluid Flow Module allows for simulation of fluid flow coupled with microwave heating and heat transfer.

Visualisation regimes of 3D Radiation Pattern were extended with display functions useful in beam-forming, beam-steering, and tracking applications.

Various simulation results in a form of pictures can be now easily collected with new Collect Data for Grid Search objective. Images with results are saved in an automatic way in each step of Grid Search routine.

New Dispersive Curves Fitting operation regime that was introduced in version 2019 allows for introducing dispersive materials characteristics in a form of measured curves and fitting them to dispersive material models used in the simulation.